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There is an entrepreneur in all of us. You don’t need a fancy college degree, you don’t need thousands of pounds in the bank or even business experience to start something that could be a major success.

Launching a new business can be daunting as it involves lots of tasks, some that require taking risks and others that may fail. Luckily, this is the age of information and all you need to know is on the internet, yet this could be just as daunting as setting up a business. Every site recommends something different, and then is that recommendation suitable for your idea? The only common factor is writing a business plan, which is the most important, but where do you go from there?

Jordan Daykin set up Ideas Magnet as he has the experience of setting up a successful business. He wants to share his knowledge and help budding entrepreneurs to get onto the right path with their idea.

The purpose of the service provided by Ideas Magnet is to give you the best technical and commercial advice while providing the best value for money. We look at ideas and determine which ones could be a success. From the ones that we feel have potential, we will look to provide support and put forward to Jordan Daykin for investment. Upon submission of your idea, your idea will be submitted to Jordan & his team for review.

How it works


First, we do a patent search to check that no one else has patented a similar idea. We search worldwide for any published patents. We will tell you about any ideas or products that we find that are like your idea. We will provide printouts of any relevant documents.

We may also provide commercial information about any products like your idea. Our IP Team will analyse the results of the patent search and write a short report. This report gives their opinion whether your invention can get a patent. We send our assessment to you as a bound report.

Route to Market

Your route to market is how you sell your product and how you plan your sales. It’s one of the most important things to get right: Your route to market needs to be suited to your customers – to how they shop, where they shop and where they’ll see your product. It also needs to match your budget and your ability to distribute your product.

Once we have received your application we undertake a full review and look to create a full report. The in-depth report and decision will detail advice from Jordan on the best route to market for your business/idea. This will include how to target decision makers within the customers’ business. Items covered in the report include (if applicable); distance selling, selling wholesale, direct selling, a combination of channels and online selling.

Technical Review

If possible, we check that the idea will work. We have technical experts led by Jordan Daykin.If we need special advice, then we will ask one of the many experts that we know. Consultations with them are always in the strictest confidence under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Commercial Review

Our Commercial Team will look at ideas if the IP team think they are new and can be protected. They will decide if it is likely to sell. If we think that we can help with the idea we may offer investment, or we may help by selling a license for the idea, or by starting a company to sell it. You do not have to accept the investment and you can take the results of our work and go ahead on your own.

The Pack

Contact us for your FREE pack, once we receive it we will do a FREE assessment of your idea.

Our assessment team is waiting to read all about your idea. They will asses your idea to see how viable it is and how it will fit into the market. We will send you advice on what improvements to make if, necessary, and which route is best for you to take your idea down.

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Get in touch

We would love to hear about your invention / business idea. Any Invention or Business idea whether big or small is always considered and we endeavour to get back in touch with you.